Posted by Dawn Fadler on

Time flies when you are having fun...or just have a lot of work to do!!  Probably doesn't seem like much progress from your perspective but behind the scenes we are making headway.  Looking back, its amazing that just 38 days ago Angie, Missy and myself met to look at the building that will now become TCL West.  I'll never forget Missy and Angie's face when I brought them in the door (I had the benefit of seeing it a few days prior), I think they thought I was joking!  To say the place needed some TLC (see what I did there?) is an understatement.

Since then we have ripped out carpeting, pulled up baseboards, tore down a wall, painted until our fingers have blisters on them and are currently in the process of laying down all new flooring. With the help of some really great friends and family, the place is coming together nicely and we hope to start with the fun stuff (merchandising and layout) after the holiday weekend.

Along the way we have been working on the website and most importantly ordering clothes and accessories!!!  We are having a blast seeing what comes each day and hope you love the new stuff as much as we are. 

Still shooting for an early October opening with a sneak peek (tent/booth) next week at Eureka days.  

Until then, a couple work pics to leave you with....


The wall coming down....

Ugly carpeting and even uglier tile.

Ted working on the new kitchen flooring.

(Note the refreshments!)

Dave fixing the new wall/door/ceiling combo in our entryway.

Donald supervising the crew and doing an inventory count on the refreshments :)

Angie painting in her best construction outfit.

Yep, they made me work too :(

And FINALLY we got smart and called in the big guns!  Thanks so much to Danny, Shelly and crew for all of your help- you guys did AWESOME work.