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Check Back Often for New Fall Favorites!
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Eight Essentials For Every TCL West Girl

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Everyone has their own list of must haves/go tos/favorites.  Here are 8 fashion items we can't live without:

P.S.  You can find most of them at our Eureka boutique (imagine that?)

  1. Leggings
    You can never have enough leggings! Wear solid colors to accompany a tunic, sundress or long sweater.  Team printed varieties with a solid top for an easy, carefree outfit.  Capri length can be worn in the summer with sandals or in the fall with booties.  The longer length (try flannel or fleece lined!) add warmth in the winter and look great teamed with ballerina flats, laced oxfords or cowboy boots.  (See #2)
  2. Cowboy boots
    These are a must have. They aren’t just for horseback riding and country concerts, cowboy boots are a STAPLE in every West Girl’s closet.  The most versatile item of the top 10, these can be worn with anything from shorts to jeans, sundresses to cocktail dresses.  The only limitations are the ones you are putting on yourself. 
  3. Perfect pair of jeans
    What makes a pair of jeans perfect? You tell us!  Whatever style you like, whatever fits you like a glove, whatever makes you feel confident when you slip them on, whatever they cost- doesn’t matter the style, the wash, or the age.  Find a pair of jeans you love & cherish them!  A good pair of jeans makes the perfect backdrop for the rest of the outfit.
  4. Long tank or slip dress
    Nothing worse than rushing to get ready and finding your new top/dress is just a little too sheer! Keep these on hand in the basics (nude, white and black) to save the day & as a bonus use as a layering piece in the winter to add warmth. They are also great for smoothing the bumps some of us may have, or giving extra coverage when a neckline plunges a little too deep.
  5. Scarf
    Scarves can be worn year-around as a great layering piece to add visual interest to any outfit. Styles vary from infinity to blanket.  Like leggings they are great in solids or patterns (especially plaids) and can be tied in a variety of different looks.
  6. Denim jacket
    Similar to jeans, there are no rules on these. Pick the style and wash that you love and rock it!  Pair with cowboy boots over a sundress and take a summer outfit straight into fall.  Throw over a fun tee and grab a scarf for the perfect “I’m not even trying <but damn I look good!> while I run errands” outfit.
  7. Hat
    Most of us have had days when we needed to hide messy hair, or just don't feel like messing with fixing it. I keep a hat in my car at all times just in case the mood strikes and the windows must come down!  Hats are also great for adding pizazz to an outfit.  From fedoras to cowboy hats, baseball caps to berets, there IS a style that looks great on you, so don’t be afraid to try them!
  8. Spirit wear
    What is spirit wear? It’s anything that shows something you support.  Examples could be a Eureka Wildcats hoodie or a Cardinal baseball cap.  It tells the world a little bit about who you are, and don’t be surprised if it starts a conversation.