The Red Carpet on Central October 10, 2016 20:51

We had a great time at the are the awesome pics from the night.  A big thanks to Forever Young Photography!

Click HERE for Pictures

Top Ten List For Every West Girl July 28, 2016 15:06

Everyone has their own list of must haves/go tos/favorites.  Here are my Top 10 can't live with outs....

PS.  You can find most of them at at our boutique (imagine that?)

  1. Leggings
    You can never have enough leggings! Wear solid colors to accompany a tunic, sundress or long sweater.  Team printed varieties with a solid top for an easy, carefree outfit.  Capri length can be worn in the summer with sandals or in the fall with booties.  The longer length (try flannel or fleece lined!) add warmth in the winter and look great teamed with ballerina flats, laced oxfords or cowboy boots.  (See #2)
  2. Cowboy boots
    These are a must have. They aren’t just for horseback riding and country concerts, cowboy boots are a STAPLE in every West Girl’s closet.  The most versatile item of the top 10, these can be worn with anything from shorts to jeans, sundresses to cocktail dresses.  The only limitations are the ones you are putting on yourself. 
  3. Perfect pair of jeans
    What makes a pair of jeans perfect? You tell us!  Whatever style you like, whatever fits you like a glove, whatever makes you feel confident when you slip them on, whatever they cost- doesn’t matter the style, the wash, or the age.  Find a pair of jeans you love & cherish them!  A good pair of jeans makes the perfect backdrop for the rest of the outfit.
  4. Long tank or slip dress
    Nothing worse than rushing to get ready and finding your new top/dress is just a little too sheer! Keep these on hand in the basics (nude, white and black) to save the day & as a bonus use as a layering piece in the winter to add warmth. They are also great for smoothing the bumps some of us may have, or giving extra coverage when a neckline plunges a little too deep.
  5. Scarf
    Scarves can be worn year around as a great layering piece to add visual interest to any outfit. Styles vary from infinity to blanket.  Like leggings they are great in solids or patterns (especially plaids) and can be tied in a variety of different looks.
  6. Jean jacket
    Similar to jeans, there are no rules on these. Pick the style and wash that you love and rock it!  Pair with cowboy boots over a sundress and take a summer outfit straight into fall.  Throw over a fun tee and grab a scarf for the perfect “I’m not even trying <but damn I look good!> while I run errands” outfit.
  7. Hat
    Most of us have had those days, and while there are other options (see #9), a hat is the quickest way to hide messy hair. I keep one in my Jeep at all times just in case the mood strikes and the windows must come down!  Never have a bad hair day?  That’s ok too!  Hats are also great for adding pizazz to an outfit.  From fedoras to cowboy hats, baseball caps to berets there IS a style that looks great on you, so don’t be afraid to try them!
  8. Spirit wear
    What is spirit wear? It’s anything that shows something you support.  Examples could be a Cardinal baseball cap or your favorite concert tee.  It tells the world a little bit about who you are.  And don’t be surprised if it starts a conversation, after all who doesn’t like having a tribe?
  9. Saving Grace Powder
    Full disclosure, we carry this product. You may think this is a shameless plug but I assure you it’s not, this stuff has changed my life!  This powder can be used a dry shampoo to absorb oil on your day 2 (or 3 or 4) hair days.  It adds texture that helps style flat or fine hair.  And best of all it comes in different colors to match yours…yes that’s right!!  Those nasty roots (or even nastier greys) that you get in between touch ups are a thing of the past.  Applied with a brush, this powder comes with a money back guarantee.  Oh yeah and did I mention it was invented by a women that lives here in the area? How many more reasons do you need?
  10. Indigo Eyes Jewelry
    Speaking of amazing (and local!) women- if you haven’t checked out Indigo Eyes Jewelry you are really missing out. The artist lives in Eureka and she is amazing!!  From a simply piece, to a complex set- her jewelry is all handmade, unique and timeless.  If you are wanting something to express your individuality, or want to create a special gift for someone in your life- work with Tami to create a treasure.


New Year...full of changes January 25, 2016 16:47

We ended last year with quite an ordeal.  Not sure any of us want to relive those days again. What's the saying?  When life gives you lemons....  any hoo you guys get the drift :)   So here's the good news- while we are still rebuilding, we are sooo excited about some of the improvements the remodel allowed (ok forced) us to make.  The bathroom is being remodeled & the tub and shower are being removed giving the room additional space.  We are also able to add additional lighting in the back dressing room area and the 3rd dressing room is being completely remodeled-finally a mirror can be hung at proper height!!  There are a few other improvements here and there while still trying to keep the charm the old building provided us.  We hope you guys are as excited as we are!  When's the big reveal?  That's a good question.  We wish we could give you a firm date, and should know more by the end of the week, but right now we are hoping for a sweet Valentine's day! 

We are also very excited to announce two awesome additions to our team -Kelly Lange and Marie Vick have joined us as our latest TCLWest girls.  Many of you have been asking for extended evening hours and now we are able to provide them! Effective immediately our new boutique hours are:

Tues-Thursday 9-7 PM
Friday & Saturday 9-4 PM

Please join Angie, Kerry, Grace and myself in welcoming them to the team and allowing us to provide you with the additional service you deserve!

We are excited to see what 2016 holds for us, we hope you will join us!



Heading into the Holidays November 20, 2015 18:39

Heading into the holidays we've been quite busy (Thank you!).  As a result the website has suffered a little as its been tough to schedule the time for product pictures so we will work on that!  Rest assured though we've got a lot of great stuff coming in-DAILY! 

We were part of the Legend's Holiday Boutique and met lots of new friends.  We really enjoy spreading the word about our boutique.  The feedback has been very positive and we appreciate it.  Still working on getting in more Xsmalls and Xlarges, unfortunately most of our vendors just don't carry them and when we do get them in they sell out FAST.

We've had 4 private parties and have 6 more scheduled before Xmas.  If you'd like more details, let us know-its a great way to spend time with friends, knock out some Xmas shopping and earn yourself some great bonuses!

We will have special hours the week of Thanksgiving:

Sunday and Monday CLOSED
Tues 9-3
Wed 9-6 Private party that afternoon, you are welcome to join us, but be aware we might get rowdy :)
Black Friday (Specials from 9 to noon) 9-3
Saturday 9-3

Hope all of you have a great holiday with your families.  We have many things to be thankful for this year and the support of this awesome community is one of them!!

-Dawn & Angie



Market Update October 26, 2015 14:27

We are back from market and we had a great trip (despite Hurricane Patricia and several flight delays!)  A big thanks to Kerry and Jennie for pulling extra duty and keeping the store covered while we were gone!  In the next two weeks we have two announcements we are excited to share with you.  We were able to secure a new clothing line and a new jewelry line that we are CERTAIN you will love!!!  More details to follow...

In addition to the new lines, we also met with several of our current vendors and were able to view the rest of their fall collections and some of their new pieces for Spring.  We are super excited for you to see what we chose for fall, plaid pieces, vest, more ponchos, trendy and casual tops and holiday dresses.  We also have warm scarves, boot socks, beanies and gloves ordered in an array of colors--all great stocking stuffers! Some of you have noticed our shoe selection dwindling down over the last few weeks- that was to make room for our new inventory.  While we will continue with the current price points, we also chose a couple higher end styles that are must haves for this season (hint one metallic and one animal print!) We have black combat boots on order, a great piece to team with your skinny (or boyfriend jeans) and sweat shirts when headed to the ball field on cold weekend days. Because you ask for it, we also ordered a very nice cowboy boot that feels good on the foot and looks even better---a staple in every TCL West girl's wardrobe! We also ordered a couple mommy and me pieces for the holidays, including a set of Rudolph printed tunics Angie just had to have!!!  Combine those with the new holiday printed leggings we have on order and you can't help but feel the Christmas spirit!

Our jewelry selection is more than replenished, jewelry is the only item at market that we bring back with us and our jewelry suitcase weighed over 40lbs!!  Some pieces are out already but you will see more added to the displays in the weeks ahead.

Finally we did get our Niki Biki leggings and some of our tanks & long sleeves back in. Leggings are currently available in navy, black and grey and a new metallic black (perfect for holidays.) We also got in our fleeced lined leggings- sooooo soft you just have to try.  They are available in 3 colors.  More Niki Biki tanks and leggings are on their way and we were able to order the jeggings that many of you who shopped our sister store in the past have come to love.  Best guess is they should be in late this week or early next week but no promises as many vendors get backed up for a couple weeks right after market.  Follow us on Social Media and we will announce it as soon as they come in.

We have several private parties booked for November but still have slots open for early December- a perfect way to celebrate the holidays with your girl friends and get your Christmas shopping done.  Contact us for more details if you are interested.

As we go into the holiday season, Angie and I have many things to be thankful for--we appreciate our warm reception at Grand Opening and the relationships we are building with all of you!  We are truly blessed to be a part of this great community!

Warm wishes!



The countdown begins.... September 25, 2015 09:36

This weekend is very exciting (and busy) for us.  Its the final push before we open the store to the public and we have a VERY long list of things that still need to get done.  To say everything will be worked out by opening day is a little misleading but our hope is the bones of the place will be put together.  Unlike Eureka Days, we will have working dressing rooms and people won't need to step over equipment and tools if they happen to use the restroom.

Angie has done an awesome job buying.  We are really thrilled with the amount of opening inventory we have (and the credit card company is thrilled as well so help us out here!)  We have everything from the basics (leggings, camis, tanks) to cocktail dresses and everything in between.  This falls must haves (like vest, ponchos and anything fringe) are fully stocked with a wide selection and our collection of dresses are fabulous (I WANT ONE OF EACH!)  Our MadiTeal Collection (our children's line) has several cute shirts and new dresses are on their way-we hope to have them on the racks before opening day.

While we have been keeping the website updated with our purchases, one area we don't add to the website is jewelry.  Because we rarely buy multiple pieces, its simply too time consuming to show them on the site.  What I can tell you is that Angie has some fun and unique finds that will add the finishing touch to all your great outfits.  Stop by the store to check out the jewelry- the selection changes weekly.

Many have ask you about our schedule and I apologize for the late notice but its been difficult to nail down a firm schedule as Angie and I both have other jobs to work around.  We have confirmed the addition of  Kerry Simpson this week to our sales team which will be a big help.  Kerry will be working most Wednesdays and Thursdays and helping out on weekends and special events as needed.  Jennie Steckler has and will continue to be a big part of The Clothes Line family.  Jen has helped out our Waterloo location since the beginning and will continue to work with both.  We are very lucky to have Jen as part of our team (and group of models!)

As of right now, here is our schedule (subject to change- so follow us on Social Media for the most up to date info)

Tuesday:  9AM-3PM
Wednesday: 9AM-3PM and 6PM-8PM
Thursday: 9AM-3PM
Friday: 9AM-8PM
Saturday: 9AM-3PM

*Special appointments for pick ups always available as well as private parties.  There may be days we are open earlier or stay open later, so just look for the sign outside, but these are standard hours.

We look forward to seeing all of you soon and would love to hear feedback on how we can make this store an even better shopping experience for you!








Progress September 02, 2015 12:49

Time flies when you are having fun...or just have a lot of work to do!!  Probably doesn't seem like much progress from your perspective but behind the scenes we are making headway.  Looking back, its amazing that just 38 days ago Angie, Missy and myself met to look at the building that will now become TCL West.  I'll never forget Missy and Angie's face when I brought them in the door (I had the benefit of seeing it a few days prior), I think they thought I was joking!  To say the place needed some TLC (see what I did there?) is an understatement.

Since then we have ripped out carpeting, pulled up baseboards, tore down a wall, painted until our fingers have blisters on them and are currently in the process of laying down all new flooring. With the help of some really great friends and family, the place is coming together nicely and we hope to start with the fun stuff (merchandising and layout) after the holiday weekend.

Along the way we have been working on the website and most importantly ordering clothes and accessories!!!  We are having a blast seeing what comes each day and hope you love the new stuff as much as we are. 

Still shooting for an early October opening with a sneak peek (tent/booth) next week at Eureka days.  

Until then, a couple work pics to leave you with....


The wall coming down....

Ugly carpeting and even uglier tile.

Ted working on the new kitchen flooring.

(Note the refreshments!)

Dave fixing the new wall/door/ceiling combo in our entryway.

Donald supervising the crew and doing an inventory count on the refreshments :)

Angie painting in her best construction outfit.

Yep, they made me work too :(

And FINALLY we got smart and called in the big guns!  Thanks so much to Danny, Shelly and crew for all of your help- you guys did AWESOME work.

First Post August 11, 2015 15:13

Hey guys this is the place we will reach out to connect with all of you.  Neither of us are professional bloggers so take it easy out there all you grammar police! :)  We just want to say we are super excited to be coming to Eureka and we look forward to getting to know each of you and your own personal style.  Whether your a fashionista on the hunt for the latest trend or simply a curious local with a few minutes to spend, we hope that you will stop in and introduce yourselves. 

Many of us started our love of clothing when we were very small.  Who didn't love to play dress up and raid mom's closet?  The fun only multiplied when our games of dress up gave way to full blown fashion shows, shared with our family, neighbors and friends.  For us, its always been more fun to shop together.  That's why we want TCL West to be more than just a boutique- its place for you to come with your friends and relive the fashion shows of your past. Look for Wine Wednesdays (rumor has it Angie is pushing for Margarita Mondays!), private parties, and other fun events to encourage shared shopping experiences!

Be patient with us as our website, social media pages and store itself are all under construction.  We've got some work to do, but we hope to bring you an amazing shopping experience real soon!  And along the way we look for your input and feedback so we can make this a place we can all enjoy.

A big shout out to Missy and Brooke at the original boutique- The Clothes Line in Waterloo, Illinois.  They have built a wonderful business, centered on fabulous fashions and even better customer service.  We are thrilled and honored to be teaming up with them on their brand expansion.  We hope TCL West will be one of many new stores in their future.  We love you guys and truly appreciate all of your help and assistance and most importantly, for trusting us with your baby--we look forward to working with you both!!!!

Check out  this link to see Missy & Brooke's awesome 2 year anniversary video.